3 And The Beast
Super 400
Released April 21, 2007
Label Electric Mombie
Length 46:15
Produced by Jack Daley
Engineered by Frank Moscowitz (Track 1 and Track 5)
Recorded at Dug Deep Studios (Monmouth Beach, NJ)

"On the mountain" - Track 1 and Track 5

3 And The Beast is the fourth album by Super 400. It was released on April 21, 2007 (Electric Mombie).


All songs written by Super 400, except where noted

  1. Emergency
  2. Push Back Now
  3. I Bet My Soul On You
  4. The Leaves
  5. Standby
  6. The Brave Path To You (Super 400/Fionn Ó Lochlainn)
  7. One Of The Unsinkable
  8. It's Gonna Burst
  9. Faces To The Sun
  10. All Is Right
  11. I Could Be Reborn


Additional performersEdit


Jack Daley - Produced, recorded and mixed at Dug Deep Studios, Monmouth Beach, New Jersey

Greg McRae - Mastering at Coupe Studios, Boulder, Colorado

Frank Moscowitz - engineer on Emergency and Standby, "On The Mountain," NY

Super 400 - cover design

Lori Friday - artwork

Sir Charles Monroe - Cover layout, band website

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