Set 1

  1. It's Gonna Burst
  2. Push Back Now
  3. Dreamboat
  4. Blast The Message
  5. Green Grass End
  6. Needle Down
  7. Standby
  8. Thought It Was The End
  9. Flashlight
  10. Thorn Tree
  11. FFMN
  12. I Feel The Earth Move
  13. White Bird
  14. High Hopes
  15. Wave
  16. I Ain't Got You
  17. I Could Be Reborn
  18. Another Heavy Word
  19. Emergency

Set 2

  1. Dust My Broom
  2. Cortez The Killer
  3. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed

Show LengthEdit

170 minutes

Show NotesEdit

"Dust My Broom" and "Cortez The Killer" with Tod Bowers (bass) and Jeff Massey (guitar, vocals) of The Steepwater Band

"In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed" with Jeff Massey (guitar) of The Steepwater Band

With Lower Class Citizens, The Cheaters, Medusa Stone, and The Steepwater Band

During The Steepwater Band's set, Lori joined Jeff Massey (guitar) and Joe Winters (drums) on "Stop Breaking Down."

Photos, Posters, HandbillsEdit


Wheeliefest 11 - 8/22/09 - Rowland, PA



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  • Known Recordings
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thumb|250px|left|"Thorn Tree"

thumb|250px|left|"In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed" with Jeff Massey (Steepwater Band)

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