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    Super 400 will be the first-ever Saturday night concert at Troy, NY's new Dinosaur Bar-B-Q location on November 13, 2010.

    Dinosaur BBQ is an internationally known rib joint with locations across New York State in Rochester and Harlem, and the original restaurant in Syracuse. Super 400 first performed at the Syracuse location last summer.

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    When The Worldwide Leader In Sports deems you one of "the world's top...Rock bands," the sports world listens...or something like that.

    Since late 2009, Super 400 has provided the featured music for two episodes of the ESPN Action Sports Podcast.

    The show promises to "talk to the biggest names in BMX, Moto-X, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing and the world's top Hip Hop and Rock bands."

    • The November 20, 2009 episode features interviews with professional inline skater Richie Velasquez and motocross and road bike racer Jamie Lanza. The track played is FFMN.

    • The February 2, 2010 podcast includes a chat with world record snowmobile distance jumper Paul Thacker along with freeskiers Tucker Perkins] and Sammy Carlson from Winter X Games XIV. The …

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    A number of interviews were published in the last year in support of the release of 'Sweet Fist'.

    Click on the links below to delve into the hearts, minds and souls of Kenny and Lori. No word on when (if ever) we'll see any similarly revealing interviews from the quietly mysterious Joe Daley.

    Kenny tells the story behind his beloved 1956 Les Paul Junior.

    Gibson 1956 Les Paul Junior--A Lucky Find Of Super 400's Guitarist

    Kenny answers a few questions on the MTVU website. Turns out he's quite interested in insects and animation, and his first concert was Triumph (the band, not the puppet).

    The Hot Seat: Super 400

    Lori talks about singing lead vocals for the first time on a record, why the band loves their hometown of Troy so darn much, being an an…

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    A string of upcoming tour dates for March through early April have recently been announced. The fun begins on March 6th, with the Supes traveling downriver to Rosendale, NY.

    Super 400 will join Fred Shafer for a 16-day, 7-show tour starting on March 10 in Louisville, KY, with stops in Memphis, Nashville, and Findlay, OH, before wrapping up back east in Boston and Manchester, NH on the 26th.

    It's not only great to see that the Supes will have an opportunity to stop by to play a set in their 'second home' of Memphis where Sweet Fist was born, it's encouraging news for all Super 400 fans to see them doing a string of road dates after spending the last year sticking around the northeast.

    Oh, and Supa Fo will be spending St. Patrick's Day in Chica…

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    1996 - It was in February '96 that Lori first met Kenny and Joe, which led to the now-storied jam session after which Lori was asked to join the band, and the Super 400 lineup was finalized.

    2003 - on 2-22, the band played one of their longest and most important shows ever, according to many veteran followers. This gig at Daisy Baker's was thoroughly dazzling, with some of the wildest and most daring jams the band has ever played. Even longtime fans were blown away at how the band took their game to the next level, live on stage, in front of everyone's eyes. Check the 'High Hopes' jam to close the night as the crowd goes bananas.

    2006 - On February 25th, the inaugural 'Super 400 Day In Troy' Show took place at the Ale House, which included the…

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