Don't Grow So is the fourth track from Super 400 (album).


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sitting up on your horse

nowhere to look but down of course

well you're not the king but you

sort of act like him

roam the countryside, boy

see the world for the both of us

i'll be waiting with a grin and a

funnel to my ear

well the winter's come too fast

but the snow won't last forever

and you feel you're big at last

oh but you are just a feather

laying in the yard

on a sixth grade blade of grass

please don't you grow so fast

sitting there on the ground

hoping the sky won't let you down

days out on the lawn you lay

just staring at the sky

amazed with all the wars you wage

between cloud men with stars for eyes

such questions you will ask to me

well i don't even know the time

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