Emergency is the first track from 3 And The Beast.

A demo version of Emergency was released March 1, 2006 on Super 400's MySpace page.


Song LengthEdit

3:45 (3 And The Beast)

3:10 (MySpace Demo)


nine times my normal height

why don't i notice

a little of this gonna take your fears

a little of that gonna clean your window

emergency better keep it near

tell me how do you feel

emergency you've got my name on file

dig small machines won't you from your pile


five flies gather round my eyes

why don't i mind

you there floating down the stairs

light my cigarette

Audio linksEdit

Video linksEdit

thumb|300px|left|Emergency video

Other InformationEdit

First time played - November 26 2005 - Troy, NY - The Ale House

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