Green Grass End is the second track from Blast The Message (album).


Written by Super 400

Produced by Jack Daley

Song LengthEdit



just what's on your mind my blue little girl

have you been worn down by what you must prove

how did you find out that it wasn't just you

you should not lose

so many things you never knew

it all will break in spite of you

but it won't last

lay in the grass it feels so free

it's just a dream but so are we

there's a quiet song on my stereo

doesn't make me feel like three years ago

there's only so much love you can squeeze from one song

i never felt so free and true

must be something just you can do

only time has passed

i'll never look the other way

i'll beat a path one of these days

it's a green grass end to a cruel cold day

it's a green grass end to a cruel cold day

i hear your voice, it's all i have

if i can feel your power, it's all right, yeah

it's a green grass end to a cruel cold day

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none known

Other InformationEdit

  • First time played = unknown
  • Ranked #3 All Time in the Blues rock category at GarageBand.Com

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