I Missed The Sign is rumored to have been recorded during studio sessions for Blast The Message.


Written by Super 400

Song LengthEdit


i used to listen to the words you said
and you could change my mind
like how we'd all gather round where you'd stand
expecting you to shine

but then we all froze waiting for
the perfect punch line
at least now i know that even the best of jokes
get dull the millionth time

where are you? it's just me
have you grown to small to see?
we've come too far
to let it be
or is the smoke too thick to breathe

i missed the sign
i missed the sign behind your eye
i missed the sign
i missed the sign but it's alright
we're only going home

you used to say that we should never cross
imaginary lines
so how could it be that you were the only one
spreading dirt to hide

guess that's how it goes and after all,
i guess i'm not surprised
at least now i know if at first i don't see you
my eyes stay open wide

Audio linksEdit

I Missed The Sign (6-7-03)

June 7 2003 - Albany, NY - Savannah's

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