Set 1

  1. Blast The Message
  2. Green Grass End
  3. Made Up Worlds
  4. Say Goodbye ->
  5. Mystified
  6. I Wonder
  7. I See Tomorrow
  8. Pile Of Stones
  9. World Is Bright
  10. High Hopes
  11. Our Season Has Come

Set 2

  1. Dreamboat
  2. Hitch A Ride
  3. Faces To The Sun->
  4. Cause
  5. I Bet My Soul On You
  6. Don't Burn Baby
  7. All Is Right
  8. Day Bye Day


  1. Sitting On Top Of The World
  2. Killing Floor

Show LengthEdit

Show NotesEdit

"Blast The Message" album release show 1 of 2

"Our Season Has Come" first time played

The entire "Blast The Message" tracklist was played in the first set.

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