One Of The Unsinkable is the seventh track from 3 And The Beast.


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i have gone but where are you today

the psychic zone said nothing

well the only thing that matters

is that peace is all that's scattered round you

jokes are told, the empty packs begin

the time gets old then nothing

well if laughter's all that matters

then you need some pain to make it feel true

nothing else will do

now you know

got to grab onto the wreckage and float

when it's done you'll be one of the unsinkable

town of crows that scream at you today

they might be smart but who'd listen

well you don't appreciate it if the warmth is

always pounding on you

you got to know who's who

we never will be gone

we'll keep holding on just the same

on a ladder to reach the sun

there's room for everyone

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