Pile Of Stones is the eighth track from Blast The Message (album).


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i'm sitting on a pile of stones i never threw

you're standing across the way

and you only hold a few

you start throwing wild aiming at my head

i'm dodging all the while

soon you'll have none left

i wish it wasn't true

cause i never took a shot at you

you swear I haven't grown

i still got a pile of stones

you gather round an army of witches and advice

to fill your cup with sour grapes

and drink you through the night

you pity my few diamonds and laugh about my life

i wouldn't trade them for your dreams

whatever gets you through the night

i'm growing tired of making your breaking news

you spread my name round town like a barking dog

out of respect i keep your name off of my lips

so take a tip and focus on the positive

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