Push Back Now is the second track from 3 And The Beast.

A demo version of Push Back Now was released August 30, 2006 on Super 400's MySpace page.


Song LengthEdit

4:00 (3 And The Beast)

3:48 (MySpace Demo)


who cut the rope when i grabbed it

who offered hope then retracted

i've been pushing you to stand

push back now, push back now

i've been pushing you to stand

push the wall over

you read the note when i passed it

you laid at home fading faster

I've noticed worlds go by trying to rake your soul

it's not the end of time

just trying to warn you

before it's over please if you can

stand a little taller and push the wall over

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Other InformationEdit

First time played - July 9 2005 - Albany, NY - Tess' Lark Tavern

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