Scarlet East Studios: Turnip Sampler
Various Artists
Released June 29, 1997
Label Scarlet East Studios
Length 63:34
Produced by John Delehanty, Rich LeButti
Recorded at Scarlet East Studio (Latham, NY)

Scarlet East Studios: Turnip Sampler is an album featuring various artists and recorded at Scarlet East Studios. It was released on June 29, 1997.

This compilation includes one track by Super 400, a previously unreleased studio version of The Future Rides Us All. This track is the first Super 400 studio track to be officially released. The song would eventually be re-recorded and released on Super 400's self-titled debut, more than one year later.


Full Track List

(Song title / Artist)

  1. Status Quo / Style Martly
  2. Traffic / The Hanslick Rebellion
  3. Solid State '68 / Skin
  4. Figure It Out / Morning
  5. Drowning In The Streets / Giant Ray Soda
  6. It's A Riddle / Stephen Clair
  7. Redemption / Jacks
  8. Unstable / The Sellouts
  9. The Future Rides Us All / Super 400
  10. TransDriven / The Clarences
  11. F-Timmi / F-Timmi
  12. Registered Nurse / Trauma School Dropouts
  13. Smokin' / Who-T / Pity the Fool
  14. Unexpected / Wrath
  15. narcoticon / tORN
  16. In Regards to You / Endorphin
  17. Skin / Suck on Barbie


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