Super 400
Super 400
Released July 13, 1998
Label Island/Cacophone
Length 55:24
Produced by Brad Morrison
Engineered by Brad Morrison

Eric Rachel (Track 12, Black Eyed Dog and Don't Burn Baby)

Recorded at Mix-O-Lydian Studios (Lafayette, NJ) - Tracks 1-6 and 8-11

Morrison Hotel Recording Studios (Chester, NY) - Track 7

Trax East (South River, NJ) - Track 12, Black Eyed Dog and Don't Burn Baby

Super 400 is the first album by Super 400. It was released on July 13, 1998 on Island/Cacophone Records.


All songs written by Joe Daley and Kenny Hohman, except where noted

  1. Breathe
  2. Drawing Circles
  3. Dreamboat
  4. Don't Grow So
  5. Do What I Like
  6. Pennies For My Love
  7. -untitled-
  8. Hitch A Ride
  9. The Future Rides Us All
  10. Tired Ghost Of Love
  11. One 1000 (Daley/Hohman/Soloski)
  12. Cause
  13. Day Bye Day

B-sides/bonus tracks


Additional performersEdit


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