The Leaves is the fourth track from 3 And The Beast.

A demo version of The Leaves was released March 1, 2006 on Super 400's MySpace page.


Song LengthEdit

4:00 (3 And The Beast) 4:08 (MySpace Demo)


you and i in a daydream

autumn flower what the rain brings

black feather on the ground, little treasure that we found

of all the things i've seen what can it mean

time goes by we never know why

can't we just fly with it

winter will come calling

black wings paint the sky oh what a ride

it couldn't get much colder

the leaves tell you why

the leaves start it all over

frozen grass the leaves have covered

keep it warm like worried mothers

the never ending truth that nothing really dies

the start of something new is coming through

take the leaves from my mind

don't want to think on it anymore

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Other InformationEdit

First time played - January 8 2005 - Troy, NY - The Ale House

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